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New Term, New Opportunities!

By | General

Welcome to Term II! This is the part of the year where
the foundational skills for the grade start to become
apparent. We have eight weeks to practice these skills
and use the knowledge featured in our learning
objectives, before exams begin June 4-15th.

Part of learning is experience, which is gained as
students participate (or cheer on others as they
participate) in activities like the Innova Olympics, the
Festival Estudiantil de Arte, the Biology and Math
Olympics, the Blue Flag projects, community outreach,
the Cambridge Exams and the STEAM Fair Stage II –
the incubation and polishing of 12 of the projects
presented at the fair for Science, Technology,
Engineering, Math, Art, Math and Mandarin Fair.

Rather than see these opportunities as distractions from
the academics, see them as the public stage where
students trial the first three habits for highly effective
people in particular. Habit 1 helps them choose their
attitude as they step outside their comfort zones; Habit
2 aids them set goals and visualize results, and Habit 3
helps them work towards achievement.
Recognize these public events for how they make
students more independent, empowered and able to
connect skills to learning.

Value the powerful experience of supporting others –
learning often starts with watching others. Students who
cheer on classmates in the various olympics and contests
are broadening their own horizons.

Angela Jarman
Academic Director

TEDx Joven

By | Events, Technology

Following the STEAM Fair project all the school attended, external
judges chose some projects and awarded tickets to some of the senior
students to the world-famous conference called TED x where
competent and selected experts talk on a subject of their choice. The
aim of these TED talks is to spread ideas and inspire people. I was
lucky enough to get the chance to go, and as you can imagine, I was
very excited about it. The rendezvous was Sat. 21st at 12 noon sharp
at TOLIS HQ and eventually we arrived at Parque Viva on time
and had a chance to have a look at different stands from sponsors
like the UCR, Huawei and Amazon. We took a seat and at 2:00 the
master of ceremonies started talking about the event and introduced
the first conference speaker. They all presented their topic of choice
with great ability and confidence, but one of the talks particularly got
my interest: a man in his 30s who started off his talk by performing a
stunt, walking on a slack line about 10 meters above the stadium’s
stage. He also told us that he had been suffering from vertigo all his
life, but, what is astonishing is that every day he manages to
overcome his fear and crosses whole chasms with nothing more than
an inch-wide slack line to hold him up. He talked about how fears
affect the brain, and how we can prepare to overcome them. The
closing speech was held by Dr. Fabio Gandour, who produced a very
interesting speech on particle science, summarizing very neatly the
concept of climate change, explaining that there are only limited
amount of atoms in the world and by exponentially growing our
population and consumption per capita of goods, we are using up all
the atom that consequently will not be available for food, water and
air. The conference on the whole was very inspiring. I really enjoyed
the experience and I would like to thank Akamai for giving me and
my classmates the chance to attend.

Giacomo Lind
SR Class student


By | Education, Events

With this slogan, Tree of Life launched its Student
Elections as part of the national campaign to support
democracy, with elections taking place on May 25th.
With the support of IFED (Institute for the Formation
and Studies of Democracy), our student community will
be part of this civic celebration.

Teachers received a training in the electoral standards in
order to inform TOLIS students how to manage their
participation in the national process. Now our school is
one of the education centers that meets the prerequisites
established by the Supreme Tribunal of Elections for
Costa Rica and the Ministry of Education. Democracy is a
pillar of our society and it is our duty to promote it
among the younger generations.

Teacher Natalia González