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The Importance of Routine for Children

By October 17, 2019Section A News

Children do not know how to organise their things when they are born, which is why, as they grow, adults must teach them to organize their lives through stable schedules associated with routines, through activities that are done every day.
Following a routine makes children feel safe and calm in their environment. This routine establishes schedules, which are built around habits that help to build an emotional balance, providing young children with a very important foundation for their education and for the construction of their personality.
Rituals are repeated that help the child to assimilate an internal structure, that turns their world into a safer place. Food, sleep and hygiene are the first habits children must learn. Habits and routines provide an important mechanism of consistency and regularity and are therefore essential for both family and school life.
What routines should a school-age child have?
Routines regarding your grooming and personal care. Each family has a different dynamic, but within this dynamic, you can determine which aspects are important to carry out day by day. The constancy in these aspects generates over time a healthy, happy, tidy, responsible and independent child.
Affective routines, such as kisses before bedtime, saying goodbye to mom and dad before going to school, apologizing and hugging our siblings when we have offended or hurt them, being respectful to each other – all of these routines promote emotional security.
Study and rest routines, that is, specific times for performing different activities during the day. Try to establish schedules for sitting down to do homework, read, watch TV and use electronic devices, and most importantly, for going to sleep.
Routines are important both at home and at school. It is important that young children know that when they arrive at school, they will be received by their teacher, have a routine with songs and actions, have a certain class schedule that is repeated daily in the same way, with snack at a certain time in the same area as always, with the same duties such as picking up your plate when you finish, returning to class and continuing and/or finishing your work until your parents arrive. This gives children peace, and makes them feel that the school is as safe as their home.

Disruptions to this schedule can be hard for them to handle, and slows down learning in other areas. For this reason, teachers urge parents to avoid coming late to class.

It is important that most routines are maintained even during the holiday period. The change in sleep pattern influences the quality of sleep and children will have a harder time getting settled. They may even suffer from insomnia. Altering their routines can cause children to become angry, stressed and fatigued.