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Tree of Life International School selects teachers based on their noteworthy background experience and qualifications. The teacher’s role is complex and dynamic: he or she is a researcher, communicator, observer and guide. As a researcher, the teacher has to be sensitive to the constant ebb and flow involved in working with children who must each be taken as individuals, not as a group. As communicators, teachers must listen and relate. As observers, teachers must be as interested in the process as the end result. As guides, teachers must recognize they do not transmit knowledge to students so much as create relationships that facilitate the child’s process of discovery. Like the top international education systems, Tree of Life believes in giving teachers the freedom to lead students to be successful, while maintaining good communication with home. Teachers get to know students and their families, and based on this knowledge of their interests, inclinations and potential, work to create the optimal learning environment. A teacher’s role is not only to teach children how to calculate, think, read and write, but also help them see why they should do these things.

Send your resumé/CV to human.resources@treeoflifelearning.com or contact us at +506 2203-5867. We are accepting applications and want to know about you.