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New Term, New Opportunities!

By May 05, 2018Blog, General

Welcome to Term II! This is the part of the year where the foundational skills for the grade start to become apparent. We have eight weeks to practice these skills and use the knowledge featured in our learning objectives, before exams begin June 4-15th.

Part of learning is experience, which is gained as students participate (or cheer on others as they participate) in activities like the Innova Olympics, the Festival Estudiantil de Arte, the Biology and Math Olympics, the Blue Flag projects, community outreach, the Cambridge Exams and the STEAM Fair Stage II – the incubation and polishing of 12 of the projects presented at the fair for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art, Math and Mandarin Fair.

Rather than see these opportunities as distractions from the academics, see them as the public stage where students trial the first three habits for highly effective people in particular. Habit 1 helps them choose their attitude as they step outside their comfort zones; Habit 2 aids them set goals and visualize results, and Habit 3 helps them work towards achievement. Recognize these public events for how they make students more independent, empowered and able to connect skills to learning.

Value the powerful experience of supporting others – learning often starts with watching others. Students who cheer on classmates in the various olympics and contests are broadening their own horizons.

Angela Jarman
Academic Director