Our Methods

We embrace different teaching methods to achieve full potential

Tree of Life International School uses the teachable moments throughout your child’s day to help develop the habits that make for greatness. We believe that every child is unique.

Leadership Institute

Accredited with the Franklin Covey Organization as the first Leadership School in Latin America in 2010, TOLIS applies the Leader-in-Me principles to promote the 7 Habits in its learning community


Students at TOLIS learn Mandarin as a second language, with 4 classes a week starting in Early Childhood and Primary, and 3 classes a week in Middle and High School.

Singapore Math & Growth Mindsets

Math is taught from the concrete to the visual to the abstract, where students prove concepts instead of memorizing formulas and terms. We believe every student can learn the language of math.

Project-Based Learning

Students from Early Childhood to High School learn through projects, where learning is significant to the student and builds 21st century skills.

Physical Education

Students start the day with Spark, a short class to get students moderately active. In Early Childhood and Grade 1, students have 4 classes of PE a week. From grade 2 and up, students have swimming and PE as well as after-school clubs.