The Campus


At Tree of Life International School, we believe that a clean, organised classroom leads to higher levels of student engagement, safety and success. No matter the grade level or dynamic of the classroom or teacher, all Tree of Life classrooms celebrate our students.

Our naturally-lit classrooms are decorated with student pictures, work samples and collaborative furniture structures that promote engagement and establish a sense of pride among student efforts. TOLIS teachers prominently post learning objectives to inform students and visitors of the primary focus of the lesson, thus enhancing a friendly student-directed approach.

Oasis Lunch Area

Tree of Life’s decorative OASIS-themed cafeteria emphasizes an inclusive, mindful experience during lunchtime where both students and teachers sit with each other. During this time, students are encouraged to help serve others, clean after themselves and be sociable with the school population. We are happy to promote fruits and vegetables that are organic and purchased from local providers which lead to healthy bodies and minds.
Our menus are mindful of students who have specific needs or expectations – please share specific diet information our Tree of Life administration so that we can provide a pleasent experience for all.  These menus are shared each week as part of our TOLIS Community Newsletter.

Snack Shack

Located at the school entrance, you will find our student-run Snack Shack. Visit for a nice selection of coffee, bakery items, healthy snacks and/or smoothies. 

The Snack Shack dually serves as a major component of our Social Enterprise program which aims to develop an entrepreneurial spirit through project-based learning, the 7 Habits, the 21st Century skills and business training. Visitors will find volunteer Section C students who wish to obtain work experience, learn new skills and save money for future travel through this practical opportunity. Funds earned through the Snack Shack can only be redeemed to cover approved school travel expenses.


Tree of Life International School offers on-site swimming to all students. We think swimming is a very important skill that helps promote strong fitness levels, flexibility and effective breathing techniques. Our Swimming program follows the standards of internationally respected Swim University. Students are frequently assessed on their skills and are assessed on a variety of skill levels and dynamics. 

Outdoor Pitch

New this year is our outdoor pitch which serves as our engaging area for our PE activities. At Tree of Life, students receive approximately one outdoor PE class with the objective of building physical strength, flexibility, proper movement and coordination required in a variety of sports or activities.
Our Physical Education Curriculum was developed after reviewing the Canadian, American, Australian and British curriculum.  Our program is in line with recommendations from SHAPE America, PHE Canada, Sporting Schools Australia, and Get Active Sports (UK). The PE program provides a variety of proven programs from international sources including Kidding Around Yoga (USA), Cosmic Kids Yoga (UK), The Little Gym (USA), The Learning Groove (USA) and Lifesaving Society (Canada).