Fusion Cultural 9

Students learn in multi-age classrooms, with an age range of 2 years in each class. The multi-age approach recognizes that children may be advanced in some skills and concepts, yet need more time in others. It encourages peer support, develops emotional intelligence and motivates students to work to the higher grade level, while allowing students at least two years to master learning objectives.



In Early Childhood, children have classes from 8am – 12:20, divided in 30 and 60-minute learning periods. Early Childhood students are aged 3-5, in pre-Kinder and Kindergarten. All students receive art, music, PE, Mandarin, technology, pre-writing and pre-reading classes in English and Spanish, and guided exploration that stimulates thinking skills, fine and gross motor skills and social abilities. Classes

Academic subjects begin in Foundations, when the day runs from 7:30am-2:20pm, with six 60-minute learning periods. Foundations students are aged 5-7. In Foundations, Math, Language Arts and Science are taught in English by the home-room teacher, and Spanish Language Arts is taught in Spanish.

After two learning periods, students receive a 40-minute recess. After two more learning periods, there is a 60-minute lunch break. In the final two learning periods of the afternoon, students receive 1 hour 20 minutes in class and leave at 2:20pm.

At Tree of Life, Early Childhood and Foundations is grouped as Section A. Subjects include: Math (including Applied Math), English Language Arts (including drama), Mandarin (including Mandarin Music), Spanish Language Arts, Music (Choir & Musical Appreciation), Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Assembly.



Students attend school from 7:30 am – 2:30 pm. Students in Elementary receive six learning periods per day, with 20-minute recess and a 55-minute lunch break. In the final two learning periods of the afternoon, elementary students receive 2 hours of class in the afternoon and leave at 2:30pm. Math, Language Arts and Science are taught in English. Social Studies and Spanish Language Arts are taught in Spanish. All Elementary students receive art, drama, music, choir, PE, Mandarin, and technology.  

Subjects include: Math (including Applied Math), English Language Arts (including drama), Mandarin (including Mandarin Music), Spanish Language Arts, Music (Choir & Musical Appreciation), Science, Social Studies, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Assembly.

JUNIORS 1 (AGES 12-13)


Students attend school from 8:25 am-3:30 pm. They receive six learning periods per day, with a 20-minute recess and a 40-minute lunch break. All students receive art, music, PE,, Mandarin, and technology. Students receive two hours of Social Studies taught in Spanish, consisting of Civics and Social Studies, and three hours in Spanish.

Subjects include: Math, English Language Arts, Spanish Learning Arts, Mandarin, Coordinated Science including science lab, Social Studies, Music, Art, Drama, Physical Expression, Technology, Physical Education, Assembly.



Students attend school from 8:25 am-3:30 pm. They receive six learning periods per day, with a 20-minute recess and a 40-minute lunch break. Students begin to study for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE, granted by Cambridge International Education. Recognized by over 10,000 post-secondary institutions, students will take a minimum of five IGCSE exams (with one subject at least in Math, English, Spanish, Science and Humanities). They will also prepare for MEP exams in Math, Science, Spanish and Social Studies. Students may also take MATEM, the equivalent of first-year math and calculus, recognized by the University of Costa Rica and affiliated universities.

Students have 3 hours of electives starting in grade 8. Starting grade 10, students have 2 hours of electives, and 2 hours of Career Counseling and Exam Preparation.

Starting in grade 8, subjects include: 

MEP Spanish, Humanities (MEP Social Studies & Civics), First Language English (Cambridge), First Language Spanish (Cambridge), Second Language, Mandarin (Cambridge), History (Cambridge), Geography (Cambridge), Biology (Cambridge), Chemistry (Cambridge), Physics (Cambridge), Math (Cambridge & MEP),

 One semester of the following:

Design Thinking, Art, Music, PE

Electives vary per semester and may include:

Music (Band), Music (Personal Performance), Art & Design (Cambridge), Design & Technology (Cambridge), Physical Education, Model United Nations, Data Visualization, Acting for Film, Film Production, Personal Finance, Psychology, Game Strategy, Independent Living, Personal Project or Service, Computer Science

Starting in grade 10, students will take IGCSE exams and begin work on their chosen AS or AL subjects. Students can take an optional 12th year to complete A Level exams.

AS & Level Subjects include:

First Language Spanish, First Language English. Second Language Mandarin. Math, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography. History, Computer Science. Design & Technology