The SEA (Show de Especialidades Artísticas) is Tree of Life’s annual showcase of artistic expression, revealing students’ advances in dance, art, music and drama. Months of preparation produce this two-day extravaganza, where students’ talents and effort can be enjoyed in a public setting. 


TOLIS believes students build their self-confidence by stretching the limits of their individual comfort zones. Thankfully, the school is a safe zone, where students have learned to feel comfortable on stage. Drama and music teachers want them to experience a public stage with a larger auditorium, to develop their self-confidence, discipline and performance skills.


Each event and exhibit, for each night of the SEA, has been selected because of its artistic merit and the opportunity it allows students to develop civic and personal values. TOLIS believes students will be inspired by their peers’ performances, and may discover a new love for art, music and drama. We also believe that students motivate each other as well as practice empathy and consideration, by showing solidarity and supporting each other in their artistic pursuits.

Fotos y Video: Mario Solano